Fuel Optimizer 473ml (Treats 600L)

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Great additive for your petrol or diesel. Formulated to off-set the diminishing quality of pump fuel, so your fuel burns cleaner & hotter for better fuel economy & performance.

Cleans the entire fuel system and removes deposits. Helps produce a cleaner burn to improve fuel economy. If fuel is going to sit for prolonged periods, adding the Fuel Optimizer helps keep it fresh. Great for all Petrol or Diesel applications including marine.


  • Improves fuel economy – users report between 5% - 10% improvement
  • Cleans fuel system
  • Works in Petrol or Diesel engines instantly
  • Helps remove condensation
  • Removes harmful deposits
  • Excellent in marine and other storage tanks

Use Less!

  • In Vehicles - 100ml for every 125 litres of fuel every 3rd or 4th tank. Single 473ml bottle will treat 600 litres
  • In Storage Tanks – Ratio of 0.5% for short storage to 1.5% for long storage periods
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