Hyper Lubricant - Medium (946ml Treats 15L)

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The Original MotorKote Hyper Lubricant - America's #1 Friction Fighter! Reduces friction where ever it is used and saves you money! Perfect size for 4WDs.

A friction fighting premium synthetic lubricant that molecularly coats all metal surfaces, not just engines. This heavy duty formulation is proven to treat metal on metal wear in any mechanical part. It creates a surface layer by bonding to metal, reducing friction and heat.

This reduction in friction saves you money. It can be used in Petrol or Diesel engines, as well as Gearboxes, Diffs and Power Steering. As a premium synthetic liquid, it contains no solids such as Teflon, Molybdenum or Graphite.


  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce wear
  • Reduce operating temperatures
  • Protects at start up - Contains no harmful solids
  • Single product for all applications
  • Bonds to the metal surface
  • Wont change the SAE rating of your oil
  • Suitable for use with either mineral or synthetic oils

Use Less!

  • In your engine, use 60ml per litre of oil (6%) and only re-use every 3rd or 4th oil change.
  • In most other applications, use 30ml per Litre of oil (3%) and re-use every 80,000km to 100,000km or every 12 months.
  • 946ml Treats 15 Litres of engine oil or 30 Litres in other applications.
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