Hyper Lubricant Multi-Purpose Drops 295ml

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The Original MotorKote Hyper Lubricant - America's #1 Friction Fighter! Reduces friction where ever it is used! Easy Squeeze bottle perfect for air tools, guns, RC cars, small gear boxes….

A friction fighting premium synthetic lubricant that molecularly coats all metal surfaces, not just engines. This heavy duty formulation is proven to treat metal on metal wear in any mechanical part. It creates a surface layer by bonding to metal, reducing friction and heat.

This reduction in friction saves you money. While it can be used in Petrol or Diesel engines, as well as Gearboxes, Diffs and Power Steering - this easy squeeze bottle is the perfect size for smaller applications. As a premium synthetic liquid, it contains no solids such as Teflon, Molybdenum or Graphite.


  • Perfect size for air tools, motorsport, pistols & rifles.
  • Reduce wear
  • Reduce operating temperatures
  • Contains no harmful solids
  • Single product for all applications
  • Bonds to the metal surface

Use Where Ever You Want!

  • The easy squeeze bottle is perfect for small applications such as air tools (as replacement oil), firearms, R/C cars, garden tools...
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